About antiques dealer, art consultant and certified registered valuer and Appraiser Ruben Aardewerk

After his study Ruben Aardewerk joined his mothers Antiques business together with his brother Benjamin. The name Aardewerk has been  well known in the Dutch Antique trade for nearly a hundred years. His grant parents were founder members of the first European Antique fair in Delft. In 1997 Ruben and Benjamin became partners in the company, the name changed to Betty Aarrdewerk & Sons. The company became a member of VHOK/CINOA and exhibits at several antiques fairs in the Netherlands and abroad such as the PAN Amsterdam, Art & Antiques fair Den Bosch, June Olympia London and the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show.
In 2008 Betty Aardewerk has retired and the name changed into Aardewerk Brothers Antiques. The company continues to exhibit on national and international fairs with a fine collection of Portrait Miniatures, Objects of Vertu, Silver, Antique Jewellery, Decorative Items, Folk Art, Costume & Textile.
Since 1 January 2011 both brothers start their own business but keep on working together. Benjamin lives and works in England with his partner Holly Johnson Antiques. Ruben is working  in the Netherlands as a Antiques dealer, Art consultant and Certified Registered Valuer and Appraiser.
Thanks to his experience in the Arts and Antique trade Ruben Aardewerk build up a solid knowledge about the national and international auction houses, specialized dealers, national and international Art & Antiques fairs, private collectors and museums.

Betty en Ruben Aardewerk
zilveren theedoos 1828 amsterdam

Drs. Ruben Aardewerk offers the following services:

  • Consultancy on Art, Antiques, Gold, Silver, Jewellery and Collectables
  • Purchase, sale, supply and handling
  • Search queries
  • Advice on restoration and condition
  • Appraisals and valuations of Art, Antiques, Furnishings, Gold, Silver, Jewellery and Collectables

In 2002 Ruben Aardewerk became a Certified Registered Valuer/Appraiser of Art, Antiques and  Furnishings. Since then he is happy to give valuations for insurance or probate purposes. He delights in advising Collectors, Museums and Institutions in how to build up their collections and to preserve them for the future.
 Ruben Aardewerk is a member of the Dutch Federation TMV, certified with professional SKO number R 18564 under European Standard EN 45013. 
As an Antiques dealer he is also a member of VHOK and CINOA and as such is bound by the associations strict code of professional conduct.